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Hot air fryers can be great investments for your kitchen because they are easy to cook with and can help you create a number of different dishes.

There are quite a few brands that make these, so choosing one can prove to be difficult. If you don’t want to waste money buying and returning different models, go online and read reviews. There are a lot of different hot air fryer reviews for all the brands that make these. Buyers write reviews to let other people know what their experience with the product was like.

Find the Best Hot Air Fryer Reviews

In order to find the reviews all you have to do is a quick search online and websites with them will come up.

Some reviews are going to be positive while others are going to be negative. No product is going to have great ratings from every single person who has purchased it because everyone likes something different. While you are reading through all the positives and negatives, there are some things you should keep in mind.

1. Negative Fryer Reviews

Although it might sound odd to start out with reading through the negatives, this can prove to be beneficial. If one hot air fryer has 50 bad reviews and 6 good reviews, that is a huge red flag that the particular fryer might not be worth purchasing. Read through to see why people didn’t like the product. Was it hard to use? Were there problems with it? Did it break easily? All of these things are reasons why you wouldn’t keep a fryer, so they are important to look for. Some negative reviews might be bad just because someone didn’t like the color or something small, which most other people can overlook.

2. Positive Fryer Reviews

When reading through these, you should look for those that are detailed and include good information. This will provide you with the facts you want to know about the fryer and why you might want to purchase it. Reading these will also bring attention to unique features you might not have known about.

3. Popularity of Hot Air Fryer

Don’t only go by the star rating a product has because it could only have one bad and one good review, which makes it look worse than it might be. Look at the number of reviews that people have posted to see how many have purchased it. Products that are more popular tend to have higher ratings because more people have tried them out. This is when it’s important to read through the negatives to see why buyers didn’t like the product.

4. Compare Hot Air Fryers

Look on several different websites for reviews; don’t limit yourself to just one. There are tons of review sites out there that have great information on them. By doing a simple search online you can find all the websites that feature reviews for the different hot air fryers available. This can lead to finding a lot more reviews so you can get a better feel for what a product is like. Don’t skip over reading these; they can end up saving you a lot of time and money!

5. Common sense

Some brands make different versions, the most expensive have a digital clock or some fancy stuff like that. I would not waste my money on that even if it makes the fryer programmable; you’ll never use that.
I you doubt between big and small with a price difference of $40, take the big one. A few weeks later you will no longer miss the 40 dollar, but if you buy your fryer too small, you will be reminded each time your amount of food doesn’t fit in.

Hot air fryers are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens because they offer healthy frying. Instead of deep frying the foods you like the most, you can enjoy them in a new way!

Full List of Features Included for Philips

The Philips hot air fryers are unique, cutting edge and offer a lot of features. You don’t even have to be a professional chef to learn how to use one of these. They are really simple and user-friendly for all different cooking skill levels. The features of these fryers include:


Just like with a deep fryer you can adjust the temperature of the air fryer. There are pre-set temperatures for certain foods or you can control your own based on what you are cooking. There are a number of things you can cook inside one of these, from fries to snacks.

Rapid Air

All you need to cook with one of these is a small amount of oil and an electrical outlet. Once you turn this on the air will start to quickly circulate and heat up the food. It will cook the food from the inside out while giving it a fried-like texture on the outside. Oil is not required, but a small amount of it can make certain types of foods, like fries, taste better.


One of the safest features of these fryers is that they automatically shut off when the food is done cooking. This is great for anyone who tends to forget to turn off the oven or doesn’t realize they leave things plugged in.

Different Racks

There are different levels of cooking racks inside the fryer so you can cook different foods at once without them coming into contact with one another. When foods don’t touch each other their flavors won’t combine so you get the foods you want with the taste you want.

Air Filter

A built-in air filter gets rid of bad smells that tend to come along with cooking. This will leave your kitchen smelling good so when you’re done you don’t have to scrub everything down. This definitely isn’t the case when it comes to deep frying.


This machine has parts that come off when you’re ready to wash it. This can either be done by hand or in the dishwasher depending on what you like the best. It’s easy to take apart and easy to put together, so it’s extremely easy to clean.

All of the features of this fryer make it something that anyone can use inside of their kitchen. It’s an excellent kitchen addition for anyone who wants to eat healthier without sacrificing the taste of their favorite foods. Up to 80% of fat can be cut in the hot air fryer when compared to deep frying foods.

This particular machine comes with a recipe and cook book, which you can use to try out different things. If you search online you can find all the stores that have it available for sale. There are a lot of options available to choose from when shopping in person and online.

Almost everyone has used a deep fryer or eaten a food that has been cooked in one. While deep fried food tastes great, it’s extremely unhealthy and can easily cause obesity or other health problems.

The Presto Hot Air Fryers and How it Works

If you really enjoy deep fried foods but want to enjoy them in a healthy way, there is a new option out there. Presto hot air fryers are the new kitchen appliances that can fry food without all the oil. These are becoming popular because they are so useful to have around and can help you enjoy your food once again.

Presto Fryers Use Oil

These do use oil, but they use far less than any deep fryer does. This cuts the fat in the foods you want to fry dramatically without making them taste bad. The air fryer uses hot air to actually cook the food in a way that tastes like frying. You can control the temperature based on the food you are making, so there are a lot of cooking options available. This is a really unique way to “fry” foods without ruining your diet or risking your health.

Types of Foods You Can Cook

The types of foods you cook are pretty much endless depending on what you want. French fries, chicken, chips or whatever else you can think of can be cooked in an air fryer. Just make sure you are cooking at the proper temperature. There are different cooking times and the machine will even turn off when it’s done cooking. This makes it really useful to have in a busy kitchen since most people have accidentally left their oven or fryer on when they weren’t paying attention.

Easy to Clean Fryers

One of the biggest benefits of this appliance, other than it frying in a healthy way, is that it is really easy to clean. When you use deep fryers you have to pour out the oil, strain it, store it and then clean all your oil-soaked tools. With this type of machine you can put everything into the dishwasher and be done. You won’t have to deal with oil all over your kitchen causing a mess, which is extremely difficult to clean up. These simply use a small amount of oil and hot air to cook foods from the inside to the outside.

Easy to Use Fryers

Even someone who doesn’t cook often can figure out how to use one of these. They don’t require that much effort and there are air filters in them to keep the air around you smelling good. These are also a lot less dangerous to have around than deep fryers that are filled with boiling hot oil. This is useful if you have small children or kids that tend to pull on cords when they aren’t supposed to.

This is a great type of appliance to have for everyday use, especially if you are on a diet. There is no need to deep fry everything you eat and risk your health as a result. You can still cook good food if you have appliances that make it a lot easier than before.

If you’re not familiar with what hot air fryers are, you might want to explore all of their benefits. These make deep fried foods without all the oil and without actually frying them! There is actually little to no oil required to cook most of the foods, but it doesn’t taste that way when they are done. You will have the taste of deep fried and the texture, but a lot less fat and calories.

Benefits of Track-Air Hot Air Fryers

Trak-Air hot air fryers are some of the most popular available that are used in both households and professional kitchens. There are a lot of benefits of using these that anyone can appreciate.

No Grease Track-Air Hot Air Fryers

When you cook with this unit you will find that there is far less grease on the foods you consume. This is because it uses hot air to cook the food instead of hot oil. Since oil is expensive and unhealthy, this is a great way to make your meals. If you are trying to lose weight or cook healthier, this is a tool that can help out a lot. When you deep fry foods you only consume more grease and fat. This is not the case when you use a hot air fryer too cook instead.

Moist and Hot Food

Food will not only turn out non-greasy, it will also turn out moist and hot. The chamber that is used to cook the food inside gets sealed tight. This keeps all the air inside so the moisture that is naturally inside of the food doesn’t dry out. When your meals are done cooking they will be plump and juicy instead of shriveled and dried up. On the outside, the food will be crisp and cooked to perfection. A lot of different things can be cooked inside of one of these, there are endless options.

User-Friendly Hot Air Fryers

This is something anyone can figure out how to use no matter how much time they have spent in the kitchen. All the controls are user-friendly and it doesn’t take long how to cook different things. It’s also really easy to clean so a lot of time doesn’t have to be spent getting it ready for new foods.

Track-Air Hot Air Fryers are Vented

Vents are built in so you don’t have to deal with a bad smell inside of your kitchen. This also minimizes the risk of accidents happening when oil is used. When this is being used there is no overhead hood needed to get rid of smoke, it’s self-sufficient.

Although there are many advantages of using this machine, one of the biggest disadvantages is the cost. These can be pretty pricey, especially for anyone who is on a budget. This is especially true when compared to the cost of a regular deep fryer.

This particular model is best for a commercial kitchen since it is much larger than units made for household use. Keep that in mind when you are shopping around so you get something that will fit your needs. Comparison shopping is essential when you are purchasing an appliance like this.